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candidate for district 48,    VA House of Delegates

Ed over the past year has seen the importance of getting “back to basics,” for a community and a Commonwealth that works for you

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monroe for the 48th

back to basics for our constituents

Ed’s experiences as a husband and father, a teacher and mentor, and as a civic volunteer serving the community of McLean, Virginia, is why he is running for Virginia Commonwealth’s House of Delegates 48th District.

Ed Monroe was born and raised in suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, the youngest of three.  His parents encouraged a strong work ethic and appreciation for the environment, travelling each weekend north of Pittsburgh to build by hand a second home in more rural environs.

For Ed teaching is an opportunity to guide students in exploring their natural world building from their own perspectives and abilities.  As an example, for a Washington, DC Public Charter High School he established relationships with outside organizations for supporting science fair, field trips, and potential career opportunities. 

Ed understands that even in communities like McLean and Arlington, with great schools and services, there are neighbors who feel disconnected and disenfranchised. These are the folks who need help the most, and don’t know who or where to turn.


what are the issues

Service. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many constituents, just over the past few months.  It has been a big win for me, but how do we win for Virginia.   We deserve elected officials that put the “present” back in “representation.” I will be here to meet you where you are, and that means working to understand the local issues from your perspective.  Feel free to reach out to me, and tell me what is important to you.

Education. Investing in our children means investing in our schools.  To develop young people, we must focus on the essentials in providing opportunities for all.  For too long, families have discovered in a next day email what is next on the agenda.  Let’s have conversations at the state level on school issues with delegates that are currently informed.  Send me to Richmond to discuss the education issues that are first to you and your community.

Natural Environment. Virginia has generally been fortunate in maintaining a stable energy infrastructure that we can rely on.  Still, consider the recent shocks to energy supply that we have witnessed in Texas, California, and more recently, in the case of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.  We’ve seen enough to know the essential role energy plays in our economy.  It is vitally important to work to secure diversity within our systems of energy generation, and the use of responsive technologies in our methods of transmission and utilization.

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Donations and/or Mailings can be made out to:

Monroe for 48th

PO Box 6321

800 W Broad Street

Falls Church, VA 22046

Virginia law requires the reporting of name, mailing address, occupation, employer and place of employment for each individual donor over $100 aggregate per election cycle.